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Carl Naake
I am proud to say that the company my father, Vernon Naake, co-founded in 1946 and bought outright in 1947 thrives today more than ever. There are many reasons for our success, but all boil down to one: customer satisfaction.

Even in this rapidly changing world, there is much truth to the maxim: “Practice makes perfect.” For us, 66 years of supplying paper products has meant:

  • The ability to deliver the best and most advanced products the market offers. This we can do thanks to close relationships forged over decades with the industry’s premiere wholesalers. At the same time, we continue to build new relationships — for instance, with quality foreign suppliers — to ensure a range of variety and cost.
  • Knowing how to meet the individual needs of businesses large and small in an array of industries. This begins with experienced customer service representatives who are not only committed, but more than capable of meeting the unique expectations of each customer.
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  • Delivering the products you need when you need them and at a cost little more than cash-and-carry. Certainly cash-and-carry is an option we offer and those customers who choose it benefit from a location easily accessed from downtown Sacramento, Interstate 5 and Highway 160 ( to see map, click here). But even our nearest customers find that, all factors considered, our delivery service is a bargain.
  • It’s the people of Scott-Naake — then and now — who have made this company the success that it is. While certainly the buck stops — as it has for almost seven decades— with "Mr. Naake," that responsibility, for me and my father, has been an easy one.

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